Friday, May 29, 2009

Recovery and a shot of Faith

First off...

Thank you to all of my lovely readers who have been so kind and forthcoming with their wishes of encouragement and sympathy. You are all so fabulous and your words have been a balm to my troubled heart over the last week.

Today was my D&C and I have been nervous. It built up today as I had to wait until 1pm to even go to the hospital. I had a tension headache all morning aggravated by the fact I couldn't eat anything!

Once I got check in and everything things went pretty fast. I went into the OR at 3 and was given my knock out stuff at 3:15pm and then I woke up at it was 4:15 and i was in recovery! That stuff is good! LOL! They were pleased that I woke up within only a few minutes of being in the recovery room. I was just verrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy slow. LOL!

My mom and my husband spoke with the doctor after the surgery. He said that I lost 1 1/2 pints of blood during the surgery, but that it was because my body absolutely had not yet started to miscarry. They had to forcibly remove it thus causing the bleeding. He didn't even scrape the walls to get everything because I was losing so much blood, so he has to check it again in 2 weeks to see if there is anything still there. Pray that there is NOT! I don't want them to do anymore! No thank you!

My doctor is almost positive that it was the RH factor which ultimately caused the death of the baby and has taken measures to prevent it from happening again in future pregnancies. He believes that since Seth (my 3 year old) was an RH negative like me, it wasn't an issue then (even though I got both of the Rhogam shots), but for some reason I needed MORE Rhogam to counter any affects of an RH positive baby this time around. He gave me another shot which he said will help with getting rid of any tissue that might be left behind from the other baby so I don't get an infection (like "Pac Man. It will eat eat eat!" This was very funny since he is VERY Asian and we understood 1 in every 5 words he said! LOL) But he sent off a sample of tissue for testing anyways.

I am supposed to stay off my feet for 5-7 days due to the blood loss and my mom extended her trip so she will be here until next Thursday. Yay! this way I won't be alone while my hubby is working in Cincinnati. He will come home Wednesday night like normal and she will leave Thursday.

I have to take a pain pill (it's a narcotic...don't remember which one) and an iron pill which is amazingly tiny. Just the size of a normal Sudafed like pill, but it's POTENT stuff! And super expensive. The pharmacy (Kroger) was trying to say my insurance didn't cover it (when the hospital called it in) but I todl the hospital it was because Kroger didn't have my new insurance card. My hubby went in to pick up my stuff adn they gave him a hard time until he whipped out the medical card--they looked at it, typed some stuff in their computer and sheepishly handed him all my meds...LOL! I {heart} free medication!!!

So I have to drink drink drink the water this week to help increase the volume of blood cells.

Anyways, emotionally I'm doing okay, but I know that is due to narcotic pain killer and that my hormones haven't kicked in yet. Just keep praying that I can find postivie thoughts to keep me going. I appreciate everything you guys have done to support me and I can't wait to get back on here and be back to "normal" again! Thankfully with my sitting bed rest I have plenty of reasons to stamp stamp stamp! Especially since the Paper Makeup Stamps Sneak Peaks start on June 3rd! I have several goodies to show you and this will give me a good chance to work on them!

I will also reschedule my blogoverary countdown cause I have this really nice bag of goodies that I'm dying to give away!

Thought for the Night:
"Give unto them Beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning, a garment of
praise for the spirit of heaviness."
Isaiah 61:3

This scripture spoke to me today before my surgery and I have clung to it all day long and will continue to. This was a stamp I ordered from Verve Stamps before I ever found out about my m/c and it arrived today. A perfect way to fill my mind with positive thoughts before the surgery. Thank you to Verve Stamps for giving me something to cling to on a day I needed it the most.

Goodnight everyone!

6 Words of Love:

Danni said...

I know you don't know me but I just wanted to offer you a cyber hug. I've been where you are twice. It's not an easy road.
Hugest hugs and take your time to heal.

Dusty said...

((hugs)) I've been praying for you Lisa, and I will continue to do so!

Toothy said...

I sent you a rak yesterday, so it will probably get to you around Tuesday. Feel better.

Anita Hovey said...

Lisa I'm so glad you have so much support from your MOm while DH is away...take advantage of the time and create if you WILL help you heal. Still thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...


The Crafty Den said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry, I haven't visited for a few days and had no idea what you've been going through. I'm glad you're mum is around to help you through these days when your husband is not around. I'm thinking of you and sending you warm, loving wishes. Take care of yourself, Denise x x

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